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Riga Stag Party Prank

You would never get away with this prank in the UK. Get the Stag arrested by the local "police." Defintely not a fair cop but who cares!

 The best pranks are always the ones that seem impossible to pull off, either because it would cost a fortune to fix up or officialdom doesn't share the joke. So a police prank in a foreign place where the cops have attitude and are armed and also seem on the whole to be a humourless lot seems pretty unlikely.

That, in essence, is the beauty of this caper! Cuffed, blindfolded and crammed into a realistic looking police car the stag, and initially the rest of the group, will be completely unaware that this is a stunt.  Lest any ill-advised 'rescue' attempts are mounted by worried mates the organiser's main job will be to quickly let everyone in on the joke but obviously out of earshot of the now-quivering stag!

Jokes like this just don't work in the UK because we all know our rights and how the system works. In another land all bets are off and the now stone cold sober stag will certainly be imagining life, or at least a few weeks, in a dark and crowded cell after he's been interrogated and possibly even tortured. He has no idea why he's been arrested and will be frantically trying to figure out which local law he's broken while he's driven off in the squad car to an unknown fate.

Every hoax has to have a highlight and this one has a cracker that's even crazier than the arrest! While the stag is being given the runaround the rest of the group will be taken to a lap dancing club in preparation for the prank's errr climax! The hapless stag will be led into the club and then handcuffed to the pole as the whole group look on. The best pranks always have an upside and it's the safely secured stag that will ultimately have the last laugh when he has the undivided attention of the strippers!

The stag arrest in Riga has the potential to be the best ever 'remember when' story that will relived over and over long after the other wild weekend capers are forgotten!