We Have All The Right Stuff to Make Your Riga Stag Party a Riot - Bag The Best Beds, Bars and Boobs in Riga by Booking with GoBananas on 0131 603 4860!

Riga Uncovered

Lets face it, the only reason to stag in Riga is the fact that is it is a dirty little weekend isn't it...

Yes, we thought you were thinking the same way as us! Lucky for you we've delved into the debauched nightlife in Riga (it was hard work!) to make sure you have a the best kind of experiences to remember Riga by!

 Stag weekend entertainment usually starts with the strip clubs (changing the name to gentleman's clubs doesn't fool us!). It would be a major boob not to book at least one visit. Why bother booking, you may ask? Well Riga is no different to any other place and sadly rip offs aren't uncommon.

Remember there rarely is such a thing as a free beer and if you feel tempted by a flyer offering you one if you visit a certain strip club the bill you get before you leave could be for hundreds of pounds. If you don't have the cash the guards will helpfully 'escort' you to the nearest ATM to get it. Saying no isn't a clever option, these guys will get physical and there's not point protesting to the police later as they won't be interested in helping you.

Booking with GoBananas is the safest way to ensure that a strip club visit doesn't cost more than you bargained for!

Anyway, enough doom and gloom and back to the fun stuff and some ideas from outside the box! Start as you mean to go on by booking a limo transfer from the airport for your group, complete with a few bottles of champagne and a stripper. No strip club packed with punters restricting your views, you'll be up very close and personal on a road trip you won't want to end. Another idea is to stick on your Speedos for some private pool party fun with beers and boobs before you move to the upstairs club where you can stick with the winning formula of, yup, beer and boobs!

So you see you don't have to make a meal out of sorting out a stag weekend stripper if you book with us. Mind you, if you really do want to make a meal of it we can even organise a VIP package that includes fillet steak meal, fine fillies for afters and all for sweet Fanny Adams well, (almost)!