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Riga Stag party Bar Crawl

Lets face it guys- we all know that at the heart of your Riga Stag Do is getting totally hammered. Our infamous Riga Bar Crawl is quite sensational and whilst not compulsory you will regret not coming onboard.

Our Guide to Planning your Riga Stag Night Bar Crawl

Every group has differing views about what makes a great bar- is it the Beer, the Birds or the Bouncers? Do want to go posh, seedy, trendy or Topless?

We offer all our bar crawl groups the opportunity to create their very own Bar Crawl taking in the everyone's favourites. 

On our standard tour, the guide escorts the group to three of Riga's top bars finishing off at a Topless bar that has a reputation for.. Join us and find out!

Riga Bar Crawl- Standard Package

  • Latvian, Irish or English Pub- One Hour
  • Dance Bar- One Hour
  • Up Market or Tendy Bar - One Hour
  • Topless Bar- As long as you like. Your Escort departs

If you want a different combination of pubs- say two dance bars and a Posh bar- just ask and we will sort it out.

We can also upgrade the tour to include a pint of a local lager in each bar for a small charge. However, in our experience most Stag groups are going to be drinking shit loads at every venue so this upgrade is probably a waste of time

Riga bar crawl

English and Irish Pubs

You know what to expect here- Beers and lagers that your Stags are familiar with.

Sports channels, edible food, great crack!

Most of these bars are a home for a mix of stags, Uk  groups non holiday and a few of the local youths trying to work out what these crazy blokes on a Stag Weekend to Riga are all about!



Riga Stag Party Pub Crawl

Old Style Latvian Pubs


Normally themed in traditional Latvian style, these pubs have a hefty selection of local brews accompanied by "solid" country style food which is extremely filling. The old style Tavern look is popular with both locals and tourists from all over Europe. Not always the best place to get hammered as some of the locals can get hacked off with pissed Stags on the rampage.   

 Riga Dance Bars

Riga Dance bars for Stag Weekends

Ideal place to chat up the local talent over a beer or two. These venues are like a cross between a nightclub and a bar. They are intimate places and can be great haunts for guys hoping to meet up with women and become familiar with their intimate places. Most of them have a great atmosphere with Local DJ's providing a lively mix of music genres. Not as loud as Nightclubs which makes chatting up the local lovelies a breeze.




Riga Stag party bar CrawlPosh Bars


 These are more expensive venues normally associated with some of the better hotels in Riga. 

Some are difficult to locate in the Old Town area of Riga and require the services of your escort to ensure that you get in.  If you fancy chatting up some posh totty then head for these kind of venues but maybe not if you are already off yer face!