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Riga Stag party Bucket List

A bucket list just ain't a bucket list if it's just full to the brim of boring ambitions. Our stunning Riga Stag Party Ideas will ensure your list isnt just some pail imitation!

 You look as though you definitely deserve six of the best and we're happy to oblidge. Book the lot and really bolster your bucket list!





Drift Adventure

 Riga Stag party Drift Adventure

Feel things slipping away long before the bucket part of your list gets the upper hand! It's a dead cert that this road trip will leave a lasting impression, hell you may even remember what the car looked like! Trust us, you may prefer being in the driving seat but something tells us that being hands free for once could be an advantage during this activity!

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Dolphin Jet Pack

Riga Stag party Dolphin jet pack Flight





Preaching about uplifting experiences isn't our thing, we know actions speak louder than words. Of course you'll all be pissing about on a stag party weekend in Riga but we doubt that even the most supercharged slasher would be able to compete with this crazy activity! Walking on water is old hat anyway, here's a chance to put watersports high up on your bucket list!

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Olympic Bobsleigh

 Olympic Bob Riga Stag party

How can you have a wild time if we insist on keeping you on a straight and narrow path? Ok, this particular path is narrow but isn't actually straight, or really a path for that matter. Never mind, it's a route that will really give you a rush of adrenalin, or if you're really unlucky runs for your money. You'll have gathered this isn't for the faint of heart but hey, this is the only place you can sample life in this particular fast lane.

Latvian Prison

Riga Stag party Latvian Prison Tour

Bars are the stars of any Riga Stag Weekend, but none more so than the ones we have planned for you here. This is yet another once-in-a-lifetime chance to to try something slightly scary but also exciting. At least it should be once in a lifetime experience but then again it might not be, so if you really think of it as a home from home we'd suggest keeping that a secret! 

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Bubble Bath

We always like to make bubbles rather than bursting them, but if you really want to burst your own that could mean be a bigger boob than you expected. Of all the ways to get in a lather over soap stars this has to be the best ever.

Pool Party

Riga Stag party Pool

 Don't pretend you're not a dirty shower at heart! Come clean or don't come at all to a pool session that right on cue has far more fun involved than screwing up the table for the next ball. Don't forget your speedos though or you might feel a right tit (or a left one)!