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Riga Shopping Guide

Shopping Guide In Riga for the Stag & Hen

There are plenty of interesting places in Riga ready to relieve you of your hard-earned cash. It's as well to be wary though as the prices of some imported goods can be pretty high so for a bargain it's best to stick to local crafts, alcohol and food. There are the usual new shopping centres mixed in with independent stores, mostly concentrated around Riga Old Town. 

  • Shopping Centres
  • Markets
  • Beer and other Alcohol
  • Speciality Shops

Shopping Centres

There's a lot of duplication in the shopping centres with same clothing, sports and shoe shops popping up in each, however Galleria Riga has some different ones as well as a rooftop terrace and crucially a whole floor of bars and restaurants. Origo should at least be easy to find - it straddles the main railway station - and has three floors with shops selling just about everything. Other names to note are the ever-expanding Spice with its Lido cafeteria, and the posh courtyards Berga Bazars with high-end shops, restaurants, cafes and fitness centre.


Without doubt the biggest is the Central Market, a giant bazaar housed in five aircraft hangars, with meat, fish and produce in sale inside and CDs, appliances and clothing on offer outside at suspiciously low prices! Latgales Market is where you might well find come across real bargains in all sorts of things, including quite possibly the stuff that was stolen from you earlier in the week, while the Kalnciema Fair on Saturdays has a changing theme has food, drink and crafts and a great atmosphere in a beautiful setting.

Beer and other Alcohol

Top of the list and a terrific way to get keep topped up during the day must be Alus muiza where you can buy draught beer in a range of bottles all the way up to 3 litres. Eight Latvian microbreweries are featured. Latvijas Balzams have outlets throughout the city where you buy Riga Black Balsam (whatever that is!) as well as many other alcoholic beverages. If you're looking for a firkin or so of something more familiar head for S.Brevia alus salons who stock imported British and Low Country brews or enjoy boutique syle beers and ciders as well as Belgian Lambics too.

Speciality Shops

Definitely some interesting options away from these boring shopping centres. Buteljons brilliantly recycyles abandoned booze bottles into mugs and glasses and you can bring along your own (you'll have some, we have no doubt) for the ultimate stag or hen weekend souvenir! Tigers sells that king of amazing stuff that blokes must have when they see it but really don't need, while for the budget minded among you head for Otra Elpa which sells all sorts of second-hand stuff for charity, including clothes, electronics, LPs, CDs and DVDs. If sex is on your mind, unlikely, we know, then there are two floors of stuff in Sexy Style, a  store that's hard to miss in the middle of town. Ideal if you forgot to pack something important or have something interesting in mind for your stag or hen!