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Riga Stag Nights

Stag Night in Riga with No Cock-Ups? No Chance!

Good things come in P's, not threes, in Riga! By that we mean pints, pool parties and pubes! Nightlife in the Old Town of Riga certainly isn't dull and you might have a really hard time deciding what to do. 

Finding somewhere for a pint or two won't be a problem here, and it's easy to find a place where the price is a bargain too. Booking a guided bar crawl is an outstanding idea while you may want to be still standing given the last stop is at a lap dancing club! 

This is the perfect opportunity to reveal what rules a Riga Stag Night - girls! Boobs and pubes are in abundance and in some brilliant places. Does a private pool party with plenty of pints and entry to the upstairs gentleman's club have you quivering?  No chance of a rough ride in our limos either when you book a tour to see the sights with a stripper hitching a lift. 

When it's time to eat then there are lots of Latvian style restaurants to sample. If that seems a bit more than you can chew a steak could be a juicy alternative, even juicier with something spicy on the side - not chillies but chicks, and naked ones at that.

Setting your stag up on the night out is certainly something you should consider, and what better prank than to have him arrested and taken away. Hopefully he won't cack his pants in the police car as he'll end up handcuffed to a pole in a lap dancing club ready for interrogation by the strippers while you and the gang guffaw at his fate! You must facebook this as it will become the central plank of your Riga Stag Night memories for years to come.

However if you seek something that is truly unique for your stag night out you can all opt to stay overnight in a former Soviet jail, where you'll be searched, interrogated and locked up for the evening and have to eat genuine Russian prison food! There's even the option of a 3am drill session just to keep you on your toes! 

The Best Stag nights in Riga are certainly varied, but rest assured (unless you're in that jail) you'll never have to fanny about for fun as these three Ps are never hard to find!

Check out the amazing range of things to include on your Stag night in Riga

Riga Latvian Beer Tasting

Has to be a reason for that head-banging hangover. Perhaps you'll find the answer at this place!

Riga Steak Dinner

Stake your claim for a tasty addition to your Riga weekend. A man-size meal deal to keep your Stag do buddies satisfied!

Riga Gentleman's Club

Take a trip tip from us - avoid being stripped of cash and settle for this superb lap dancing club deal as part of your Riga Stag night out.

Riga Nightclub Entry

Can't hack queuing to get into a club? There's no need to when we can open doors for you to some great Riga Nightclubs with this guest list entry.

Riga Casino Night

What's the bet you'll want to add this to your stag weekend in Riga? Odds on, we'd say! Practise your Poker Face for this Casino Stag Party in Riga

Riga Stag Dinner with Strippers

If you've got to eat, make sure you eat somewhere (and something) interesting! Select a steak with some really tasty bits on the side to start your Riga Stag night off in Style

Riga Guided Bar Crawl

Bet a bar crawl is top of you Riga stag weekend list!

Riga Private Pool Party with Stripper

Plunge pool, pints and pubes! Pretty well perfect!

Riga Prison Experience

Do people ever tell you you need locking up? If it ever happens it might pay to be prepared........ !