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Riga Stag Party Ideas

Ditch the Duvet for Great Daytime Riga Stag Party Activities! 

Looking for a reason to hold your stag party in Riga? There are things to do in Riga that are really unique that you really won't want to miss, even if that hangover is really horrendous! 

First to fire up your enthusiasm must be the chance to see if you're ok in charge of an AK-47, plus three other legendary firearms. Too hardcore? Tamer but still with a sting paintball might be better but if you don't even have the balls for that then lasertag should be on your list. The point is you have plenty to aim for if targeting a trigger-happy time is your thing.

Watersports (the socially acceptable version!) is a great way to piss, sorry pass, the time on your Riga Stag Party. Lazy buggers can just lie back and drift along in a kayak or raft but better fun is to act like a superhero and hover above the H20 on hosejet or take a high speed trip on a tube. Probably won't be the only rubber you'll be wearing on your stag party in Riga either!

Every Riga stag Do has its ups and downs. High up on the list is tandem skydiving, which seems to involves falling earthwards from a plane while closely attached to another bloke. Perhaps less intense but just as terrifying is the notion of a bungee jump from a cablecar so a slightly less crazy flight of fancy may well be a bumper blowjob courtesy of a huge fan enablling you to float up on a cushion of air!

Drifting around aimlessly might not seem much fun, but take a fast car and put a fast woman behind the wheel and suddenly it sounds a scream. More stuff to track down includes karting and the like of course, but way off course from the norm is a white knuckle ride down a bobsleigh track. Real fear fiends can hurtle down the same track on a skeleton bob, which bears more than a passing resemblance to a tea tray! 

We've just dipped a toe into the deep waters of daytime add-on activities available for Riga Stag Party Packages. Are you ready now to ditch that duvet, dive right in and decide which ones are unmissable for your Riga Latvia Stag Do?

More Info about Riga for your Stag party

Top Riga Stag Party Items

Riga Paintball

Paint Riga red by night, paint your mates yellow during the day - paintball in Riga is the perfect Riga Stag weekend activity!

Riga Archery Lessons

Test your pulling power on your Riga stag weekend! Set your sights on some serious fun with some archery lessons! Perfect for a Riga Stag or Hen party

Riga Brewery Tour

What better way to pass the time than to see behind the scenes in a brewery! Better than that there's time to taste as well!

Riga Curling Session

Like to get stoned on your Riga stag weekend? We've have some heavy gear to get you going! Great activity to add to your Stag or Hen party in Riga

Riga Indoor Karting

Fancy following in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton? This might be the nearest you get! This Indoor Go karting circuit is the premiere event perfect for any Stag Do in Riga

Riga Outdoor Karting

Outdoor Go karting In Riga. Winners always lap it up from the front - you know that flat out is the only way to go to get some headway on your Riga Stag Do!

Riga Free-Fall Simulator

It's always good to have a blast on a Riga stag weekend and this is the biggest blowjob you'll ever experience, guaranteed!

Riga Psycho Room

If you don't own brown trousers buy a pair before you book this! A truly scary activity to try on your Riga stag or hen weekend!

Riga Indoor Rock Climbing

Have your eye on the top spot? Get a foothold on the ladder to success by signing up for a great climbing deal with us. Add this Rock climbing to your Riga Stag Do

Riga Skeleton Bobsleigh Ride

Skeletons are scary and this one's no exception! This Skeleton Bobsleigh is frighteningly good fun at first then it rapidly goes downhill as part of your Riga Weekend

Riga Beer Bikes

Fancy a beer? On yer bike! Or rather get on a Riga beer bike where pedalling and pints combine effortlessly! The perfect activity for any Riga Stag Party

Riga Private Boat Trip

In the wake of the carnage suddenly there was calm. Serenity for recovering stag and hen parties.

Riga Clay Pigeon Shooting

Aliens alert over Riga! Save the planet by smashing those flying saucers to smithereens!

Riga Tree High Ropes

There are many obstacles to having a great day out in Riga. We'll rope you in on a mission to conquer them all!

Riga Team Bobsleigh

Any idea who the mysterious 'Soft Bob' is and why he's hoping the slippery slope doesn't come to a sticky end? Let us explain all!

Riga Quad Biking

Looking for a great quad biking session in Riga? No problem? Want one with a beer garden too? Still no problem!

Riga Football Pitch Hire

Need a footy fix even on your Stag do? No problem, we can pitch in with the perfect solution!

Riga Military Lasertag

If you're a pussy when it comes to paintball you'll be beaming when you give this a try! Let us shine a light on how to set your sights on a safer way to shoot!

Riga Stag Yachting Trip with Strippers

Rod had the right idea, but if we are sailing we like to bring the right crew as well as the bare essentials!

Riga Guided Bar Crawl

Bet a bar crawl is top of you Riga stag weekend list!

Riga Spa Recovery Session

After a hectic Stag Night out in Riga what could be better than a massage or a sauna to set you up ready to start all over again! A must do for Riga Stags!

Riga Stag Arrest

The stag on your Riga weekend away may have plans to pick someone up. Turn the tables and have him picked up instead!

Riga Football Match v Locals

Is your Riga stag weekend team keen to show they're pitch perfect? Prove it by taking on the local lads in a proper football match!

Riga Bowling

While you're on a roll with your Riga weekend planning why not add this - it's right up your alley!

Riga Walking Tour

We're not the only ones that think Riga is a bit special. Find out why UNESCO has named it a world heritage site.

Riga Beer & Winemaking Lessons

Do DIY and drinking go hand in hand? Only when the DIY is BYO - Brew Your Own! Find out how on a great wine and beer making course for your Riga Stag or Hen party

Riga Snowmobile Safari

Don't need to be down in the jungle to have a safari! Ours is way cooler, though there may be more cold balls than just the snowballs with this snowmobile safari in Riga

Riga Firearms Shooting Session

Look at them guns! Not your skinny arms stupid, these scary arms!

Riga Beach Trip

Sun sand and scenery sound like something you fancy? Certainly is when the scenery is the bust around!

Riga Golf Round

Any swingers in your Stag party group? Great! We have the perfect place for you to swing your club!

Riga Stag Party- The Basic Guide to Surviving in Riga

Paying For Stuff In Riga:

Latvia and Hence Riga are not in The Euro Zone and have their own Currently called the lat. This means that tranactions in the Euro are not possible. Easiest means to pay for everything is with a debit or credit card. Within the central area of Riga and especially in the Old Town , there are loads of currency exchanges , with many open until late at night.

Smoking Ban in Riga:

Similar to the UK, smoking is banned in all of Riga's Clubs, bars and public venues. Likewise smoking is not allowed on any public transport as well as at bus stops, tram stops or railway station platforms. Smoking is not permitted in public parks nor within 10 meters of the front entrances to public buildings including schools.

Alcohol Consumption Outdoors in Riga:

Drinking outdoors in Riga is only allowed in beer gardens and summer pavement cafes. Drinking nywhere else and you will get fined or worse!

Riga Taxis:

Take care to use only official taxis in Riga as there are a few illegal rip off operators that will con you rotten!

Licensed taxis can easily be identified by their special taxi light on the roof and by their yellow license plate prefixed with either "TX" or "TE". Just like in the UK, Riga taxis must have a visible meter and must be turned on before starting the journey.

Safest way to get a taxi is to phone for one. Most taxi companies speak in Latvian , Russian and English.

Our favourite 5 taxi firms are 

  • Baltic Taxi +371 2000 85 00
  • Avoiss +371 2554 45 55
  • Lady Taxi +371 2780 09 00
  • Smile Taxi +371 2257 76 77
  • Red Cab +371 8000 13 13

Public Transport:

Stag party revellers should have no trouble getting around Riga by bus, tram, trolleybus or ordinary bus.

It is easy to purchase a map detailing all the routes and stops for each of the above transport methods.

Transport starts running at about 5:30 am and continues to 11:30 pm in the evening. Easy way to purchase tickets is to buy one directly from the driver but it is much cheaper to buy what is called an e-ticket which is basically  an electronic ticket that allows access to all public transport systems. The rail sytem in Riga is only LVL 0.50 for a single journey. Getting to the beach resort of Jurmala which is only a couple of miles out of town, is inexpensive at only LVL 1.00 on the train

Emergency Contact numbers:

Hopefully Your Stag party In Riga will not require a call to the emergency services. The free number is 112 with operators answering in German, English, Latvian or Russian. Call the Police, Fire Services, Ambulance or if you smell gas.

There is also a tourist information hotline on 1188 which gives a whole host of useful information like shop hours, business information and current tourist attractions.

Behaviour in Riga during your Stag Party:

Riga is very tolerant of stags and their antics- but be warned- if you cross the line of decency and respect to both the clocals and the town then expect to Riga's Tourism Police to come down on you like a ton of bricks. The Tourism police are there to help you as well as keep everyone's behaviour from becoming offensive.. If you get totally plastered then be careful you do not become the victim of criminal gangs that just love visitors wallets and credit cards. If you lose a bank card then call 670 925 55 immediately

Foreign Embassies:

If any of your stag party get into real problems either medically or with the law then a vist to the Foreign embassy may be necessary to ask for assistance. They can also assist with repatriation in the event of lost passports, serious financial situations or the death of one of your group

  • Belgium (13 Alberta Street, tel. 67114852)
  • Denmark (11 Pils Street, tel. 67226210)
  • Estonia (13 Skolas Street, tel. 67812020)
  • Finland (1 O. Kalpaka Boulevard, tel. 67078800)
  • France (9 Raina Boulevard, tel. 67036600)
  • Germany (13 Raina Boulevard, tel. 67085100)
  • Ireland (13 Alberta Street, tel. 67039370)
  • Israel (2 Elizabetes Street, floor 3 tel. 67635500)
  • Italy (9 Teatra Street, floor 3, 4 tel. 67216069)
  • Netherlands (4-1A Torna Street, tel. 673261 47)
  • Norway (15 Kalku Street, tel. 67814100)
  • Poland (6B Mednieku Street, tel. 67031500)
  • Spain (11 Elizabetes Street, floor 3 tel. 67320281)
  • Sweden (8 A. Pumpura Street, tel. 67686600)
  • Switzerland (2 Elizabetes Street, floor 3 tel. 67338351)
  • United Kingdom (5 J. Alunana Street, tel. 67774700)
  • United States of America (1 Samnera Velsa Street, tel. 671 070 00)

All of the above Embassies are located in the Old Town in  Riga or in the nearby Art Nouveau area

Internet Access in Riga:

Internet is readily available in most Riga Hotels and in dozens of Internet cafes. Free internet access can be obtained from all Riga public libraries.

Pharmacies in Riga:

There are a number of Pharmacies in Riga open 24/7 so that in case you have a medical emergency in the middle of the night, you can quickly get help. Even if the door is closed- ring the bell adjacent to the door and a member of the pharmacy team will come to serve you shortly.

Meness Aptieka Vaļņu iela 28, Rīga- Located in the Old Town T: +371 672 133 40

Mana Aptieka, Marijas iela 3, Riga  Located in the town centre next to the Central Railway Station T: +371 672 10773