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Riga Dolphin Jetpack Session

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Think you can fly over the water? This isn't jiggery pokery, it's the ultimate in hosery! The Dolphin Jetpack Flight is a Must Do activity for every Riga Stag or Hen party

Great Reasons To Choose This

  • Transfers included
  • English speaking guide
  • 20 minutes from Riga centre
  • Unique activity
  • Riga Stag or Hen Jet Pack Flight

    Sadly sticking on a Superman T-shirt doesn't make you able to fly. However sticking on a Dolphin Jet Pack will! Essentially a water cannon strapped to your feet you'll be able, with a bit of practice, to take-ff, hover and turn. Master that and you may even be able to do the Dolphin dive from 3metres above the water. Absolutely fantastic fun and like nothing you've experienced before (unless you're a real dolphin)!

    You must be over 18 and between 65 and 300 pounds in weight to try this activity.

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    Adult Party Hen and Stag Parties

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